New Edgars owners feel the heat, and what is up with J&J’s baby wipes?

New Edgars owners feel the heat, and what is up with J&J’s baby wipes?

A recent storm on social media saw Edgars customers very upset about an SMS the clothing store company sent. Meanwhile, Johnson and Johnson's baby wipes do not smell like the roses many consumers have expected them to smell like.

The company which recently bought the 91-year-old retail chain Edgars decided it would be a good idea to scrap the six-month interest-free account plan, but its accountholders were having none of that. 

Wendy Knowler waded in on that story on today’s Consumerwatch. She also investigated what’s up with another iconic brand - Johnson & Johnson - and its current batch of foul-smelling baby wipes.

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"Here's the thing, in a situation like this, the worst thing the company can do is say as little as possible...transparency in the form of full disclosure is key. it is the opposite of what they instinctively want to do - which I keep it close, keep it tight and maybe it will go away," Wendy says.

She further explained that the media team told her that they have temporarily stopped shipping the products.

For the full podcast, listen below:

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