Do's and don'ts when flying & a follow up on the gym debacle

Do's and don'ts when flying & a follow up on the gym debacle

The new normal when it comes to air travel can come as a bit of a shock, after six months of various degrees of lockdown, says Wendy Knowler, as can the news that your gym’s decision not to debit your bank account during the months their doors were forced to remain shut had a very big catch.


Plane crazy

I took my first flight since pre-lockdown March this week, and I have a few things to share:

* Do get to the airport a full hour before your flight’s scheduled departure, because although the screening process is handled efficiently - they accept your COVID-19 declaration and take your temperature - it is a new, extra queue and it can be quite long.

* Be prepared to be unsettled at finding yourself, after six months of physical distancing, sitting really up close and personal with a bunch of strangers on a very packed plane. 

* There is little to no movement of cabin attendants up and down the aisle because COVID-19 restrictions prevent them from serving food and beverages. So the no-nose covering passengers just get away with it.

Joburg’s ORT airport

Listen below for more flight details - plus, can your gym extend your contract term if they didn’t debit you during the lockdown months? Find all the details in the podcast.

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