Companies behaving badly - Wendy Knowler wades in

Companies behaving badly - Wendy Knowler wades in

Is your gym debiting your account despite the gym being closed during lockdown? What happens if you've booked a cruise which has been cancelled because of Covid-19? And what about events organisers not refunding you your ticket price for that cancelled event?

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Gyms that are still debiting members’ bank accounts while gyms remain closed during lockdown; a cruise company refuses to refund a family for their cruise which the company was forced to cancel because of Covid-19, and instead has unilaterally re-booked them on a specific cruise next year; the multi-branch paving company which won’t honour a client’s warranty because the branch closest to her home has closed, and events organisers which use “force majeure” to defend their decision not to refund at all or only a small percentage of ticket prices.

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Where does that leave those customers?

ECR Consumerwatch's Wendy Knowler sheds some light on those scenarios, and others, in this week’s Consumerwatch Q&A, live on Darren, Keri, & Sky.

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