Can you be charged for early settlement of loan? KZN asks Wendy Knowler

Can you be charged for early settlement of loan? KZN asks Wendy Knowler

The scathing truth is that although we are advised to pay off our debt earlier than our agreement with our lender, some of us will incur penalties for settling our debt early, which forces us to maintain a substantial debt. But is this legal?


ECR Consumerwatch's Wendy Knowler was clear on the issue of early settlement penalties, better known as 'early redemption penalty'. Depending on the amount of your debt, you may face a bigger penalty.

Wendy answered more consumer-related questions, including: can a landlord disconnect your electricity or water supply if you are behind in your rent payments? Does the amnesty on penalties for expired driver’s licences apply if your licence expired before lockdown? The builder you’ve called in to quote on your home improvement project is assuring you that he is registered with the NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council). Should that give you peace of mind? 

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These are among the issues listeners raised with Wendy Knowler in this week’s Consumerwatch. Take a listen.

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