Can the company you work for use your UIF for its expenses?

Can the company you work for use your provident fund for its expenses?

With the many financial changes that have been brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, employees have had their eyes opened to the corruption that their employers have been involved in. ECR Consumerwatch's Wendy Knowler sheds light on the topic - as well as on other questions asked in our latest round of Consumerwatch Q&A, live on Darren, Keri, & Sky.

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Does a company have the right to take money out of its staff’s provident funds when it's not doing well? "Hell no," says Wendy Knowler. "That’s theft. Nor can companies dip into their employees’ TERS payments and PAYE deductions, but sadly some companies are resorting to that."

Other issues Wendy covered in this week’s Q&A session include the sharp spike in the price of pineapples, whether a landlord can use a tenant’s security deposit as a rental payment, an elderly couple’s battle to cancel its timeshare contract without penalty, and good news about driver’s licences which expired during lockdown.

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