The big Salt and Vinegar tease

The big Salt and Vinegar tease

Lay’s brings back the old favourite, but there’s a catch, says Consumerwatch’s Wendy Knowler.

Lays salt and vinegar

The good news for those who were angry and distraught when Lay’s stopped making its Salt & Vinegar flavoured chips a year ago is that they are due back on shelves.

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The bad news is that it’s just a promo thing - at least that’s what Lay’s is saying for now.

It’s a very curious story.

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Lay’s marketing director Agnes Kitololo said recently that the brand had listened to its customers, “so we wanted to give them another chance to indulge in this exceptional flavour experience that only Lay’s Salt and Vinegar seems to give them”. 

That begs the question: “So why were they discontinued, then, if they are so popular and so exceptional?”

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For the full story, and the latest on what’s going on with the iconic HP Sauce, LISTEN HERE:

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