Non-paying tenant and mounting interest on a debt - Wendy Knowler wades in

Non-paying tenant and mounting interest on a debt - Wendy Knowler wades in

Banks are morally required to be sympathetic towards vulnerable customers which are; financially illiterate, old, or sick. But what happens when you are unemployed because of COVID-19 and even though you are paying a small fee, your bank charges you more interest than you can afford? Wendy Knowler has all the answers on this issue, as well as other issues posed by a landlord, a new home-owner, and others.

Money problems

What to do if you move into your new home and find it riddled with borer? Can a clothes shop refuse to take back items bought “because of COVID-19”? Does your bank have to cut you some slack with interest mounting on your debt?  What can you do if your tenant refused to sign a lease and then failed to pay rent for four months?

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For answers to those and other consumer issues which listeners raised with Wendy Knowler in today’s Consumerwatch feature, take a listen...

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