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Business Watch

Business Watch revolves around local KZN small, (SME), medium (SMME), or large businesses or current economic or charity events that affect our daily lives. 


Business Watch is a daily feature on East Coast Radio - on-air at 06:30 and 18:30, respectively. 

The feature is hosted by economist, award-winning radio producer, WR Van Der Merwe. 


Pick 'n Pay has confirmed it will pay out social relief of distress (SRD) grants for beneficiaries with a Postbank account throughout December, including public holidays and weekends. L

Listen to the podcast below for more details:


According to an interesting piece on Business Insider, the total number of available rental vehicles across all sectors – cars, 4x4s, and motorhomes – dropped by more than 60% compared to the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

So, how will the 4th wave of COVID-19 further affect these figures? 


"Buns ruled the world!"

The most popular orders included burgers, pizza, and chicken. 

But, what makes South Africa such an integral part of the UberEats economy? Take a listen below for more interesting information.

The third annual Uber Eats Cravings Report has been released where the most unusual, and some of the most unique delivery order requests are featured.

So, in a time when e-commerce and convenience have reigned supreme, what have South Africans been craving the most?

Listen to the podcast below and click here to see the full report.

Are we heading for R20/ litre of fuel soon?

According to economists and participants in the private sector, an increase to R20 a litre is a very real scenario in the coming weeks – and it is the consumer that, again will have to carry the burden.

Chief Operating Officer at leading freight business, Big Foot Express, Denesh Singh said the knock-on effect of the fuel hike would hurt the pockets of consumers.


As we head into the consumer madness that is Black Friday, take a step back and be careful where you spend your money.

Do you know where the product is from? Do you know what impact it has on the environment and on the economy by being manufactured? And in whose pockets will your hard-earned money end up. is a proudly South African platform that features products that are made in ... South Africa.

Business Watch's WR Van Der Merwe features Happy Ngidi, Chief Marketing Officer at Proudly South African.


Recently a video did the rounds of WhatsApp of a lady filming the massive queue of trucks filled with coal heading for the Mozambique border. 

Many might label it as fake news, but it’s not.

The export market for coal remains very important because it creates an economic balance that keeps coal producers profitable while they continue to supply Eskom at low margins - consulting principal coal geologist Lesley Jeffrey


Dr. Johnny Van Der Merwe from Market Agri trends confirms that the price of tomatoes, carrots, onions, certain peppers, Cabbage, and spinach increased recently, BUT, prices of other vegetables might be inflated at the wholesale level because of supply and demand in the market trends show a different picture.


It is important that commuter trains waste as little time as possible when leaving platforms, not only to save passengers time when traveling from station to station but also to allow for trains to arrive at the station in quick succession, especially during peak periods.

In order to allow this, the motor that drives the train must be designed to provide high torque at low speed for fast acceleration from the platform, while displaying low torque once the train is running at high speed. Gibela uses traction motors – electric motors that do just this – in its passenger trains. These specially designed traction motors are now being locally produced by Gibela.

Gibela’s passenger trains are designed specifically for South Africa’s gauge tracks. “From the mid-19th century, the 1.067m Cape gauge rail track became widespread in the British Empire.

This was selected in South Africa to reduce the cost of building tracks across and through the mountains found in several parts of the country and is still the predominant gauge in South Africa.

Main image attribution: Unsplash

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