Just Delicious recipes: Confidently cooking with kids

Just Delicious recipes: Confidently cooking with kids

Have fun in the kitchen with your children by trying these easy peasy #JustDelicious recipes.

Eskort Mac 'n Cheese

Since the kids are around the house on holiday, we thought it would be fun to have a line-up where you can make special meals with your special little ones. 

Mac ‘n cheese with a twist 

This fun, easy to prepare spin on the traditional Mac n Cheese will have you and the younglings creating beautiful memories and a meal that's as much fun to eat as it is to make! That’s what we call #JustDelicious. For this and more adventure-filled dishes visit www.eskort.com/recipes.html.

“Funtastic” bacon scotch eggs 

Bacon with yummy eggy centres! Experience our savoury "funtastic" Bacon Scotch Eggs! Even the Easter bunny will be looking for these! For this and more visit  www.eskort.com/recipes.html

Esksort recipe bacon scotch eggs

Bunless Breakfast Burger 

Protein-rich, low-carb, yum-yum! This Bunless Breakfast Burger makes a perfect kickstart to a day full of adventures! Gold Medal Pork Sausage meat makes for the most memorable burger patty you’ll sink your teeth into. For this and more delectables visit  www.eskort.com/recipes.html.

Eskort Bunless burger

Pork Piccata with Linguine

A little treat for the adults - Pork Piccata with Linguine - the flavours of Italy, yes please. So get cooking and enjoy the most wholesome way to end the week! For this and more wholesome recipes visit  www.eskort.com/recipes.html.

Have fun, make memories and enjoy this week’s line-up because life is always delicious with us.

Eskort Pork Piccata with Linguine

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