Power of knowing

Power of knowing

It is a power. Because it is a power, it requires great responsibility and the guidance of knowledge to be used correctly and appropriately.

Blood sample positive with HIV test
iStock: Blood sample positive with HIV test

Taking an HIV test is never easy. Many people are afraid of knowing their HIV status because of the stigma attached to testing positive.

To some, being HIV positive is a death sentence. However, statistics have shown that you can live a healthy and long life with the virus, if managed correctly.

If you have been procrastinating about taking the test, this guest’s story shares his experience of testing HIV positive and tips on how to best deal with living with the virus. We hope this will encourage you to take the next step. For more information on testing, please visit http://www.kznhealth.gov.za/testing.htm.

I hear some people are scared of knowing their HIV status.

Well, to be honest; I was scared too. But I did it.

I also know that testing positive for HIV often leaves a person speechless with questions and concerns. It’s important to remember that HIV can be treated effectively with HIV medicines. HIV medicines help people with HIV live longer, healthier lives and reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

So, if you already know your status but are scared of taking the next step, here are a few tips for you.

The first step after testing positive for HIV is to see a healthcare provider, even if you don’t feel sick. This could be a nurse, a doctor or a clinic near you. Prompt medical care and treatment with HIV medicines is the best way to stay healthy.

This visit after testing positive for HIV will include a review of your health and medical history, a physical exam, and several lab tests. 

Well, let me allow you to think about this and hopefully help you make informed decisions.

Ta ta for now… till we meet again.

Remember: Starting and staying on HIV treatment can lead to a normal and healthy life.

For more information on HIV/Aids and the KZN Health Department, visit http://www.kznhealth.gov.za/hivandaids.htm.

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