How to prevent your hair from splitting in winter

How to prevent your hair from splitting in winter

Stop your hair from splitting this winter by following these tips from the experts.

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Hair breakage is a common problem in winter. Most people struggle with dry and splitting hair, but don't always know how to prevent it. 

We asked three hairdressers around Midrand for the best tips for preventing hair breakage in winter, and this is what they had to say:

 “Most clients neglect their hair in winter. They don’t take proper care of it - wash, spray or give it treatment. This is because they wear winter hats and beanies,” says hairdresser Sarah Marobela.

She adds that this is a mistake that can result in hair breakage.

“You must continue with the treatment. Wash your hair regularly and use a conditioner, regardless of the season. The way you take care of your hair in summer, you have to continue even in winter,” says Sarah.

Lorraine Ndlovu says it’s important to always moisturise your hair.

“You have to moisturise your hair and your scalp. Hair breaks when it is dry and a dry scalp also causes hair to break,” says Lorraine.

“Dry scalp not only causes your hair to break but can even cause you dandruff,” adds Nhlanhla Hadebe.

Although wearing a hat helps keep one warm in winter, the material of the hat is important. It’s advisable to wear a silk or satin material underneath your winter hat to avoid split ends. Cotton and other materials can also take away moisture from the hair.

“Wearing the correct winter hat locks the moisture and doesn’t expose your hair to cold air. But make sure you moisturise your scalp before wearing the hat,” says Nhlanhla.

“Stay away from styles that pull your hair,” warn all the hairdressers.

They add that a tight hairstyle can break the hair away from the root.

For more tips on how to protect your hair, check out the below videos. 

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