Hollywood waxing vs shaving – which one is better?

Hollywood waxing vs shaving – which one is better?

Are you considering removing your hair down there but are not sure which method is best? We compared the two methods, so we can help you make the right decision.

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Although some people prefer to be au naturel (nothing wrong with that), some prefer to have their pubic hair removed. 

There are two methods of hair removal – waxing and shaving.

Waxing involves applying wax and peeling off the wax and hairs from the root together. Hollywood waxing involves removing hair from the undercarriage and between the buttock cheeks.

Shaving, on the other hand, means to remove hair from the body by cutting it close to the skin surface using a razor and shaving cream.

Which one is better - shaving and waxing? 

To answer that, we look at the differences between the two. 

- Waxing removes all your hair from the root, while shaving only removes hair from the skin surface.

- Waxing lasts longer (about five weeks) than shaving, which you might need to do at least once a week, depending on how quickly your hair grows. When hair is pulled from the roots, it will take longer to grow than hair that is just shaved from the skin's surface.

- Using a razor to shave can result in cuts and bruises, but waxing doesn’t pose that risk.

- Shaving can darken the skin, and cause rashes on sensitive skin, but waxing doesn’t.  

- Waxing makes the skin feel smoother than shaving. 

- Both shaving and waxing can be done at home, but shaving is much easier. 

Warning! Getting a Hollywood wax can be embarrassing because the person waxing you will be getting 'all up in your business'. 

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