Practice possibility now: Benjamin Zander

Practice possibility now: Benjamin Zander

Benjamin Zander, co-author of best-selling The Art of Possibility, leadership guru, world renowned teacher of music and life, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic and the globe-trotting Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra describes a powerful way of looking at life that makes you the conductor of your orchestra rather than a passive player.

Benjamin Zander

"What actually is possibility in this time? It is just a nice, convenient place to go when you're feeling good and when everything's going great, or is it an essential human capacity to deal with any situation? And that's what of course it is," says popular TED speaker, Zander.

In a wide-ranging discussion with psychologist 'DrD', Dorianne Weil, in her latest JacPod podcast, Zander shares some of his key life lessons, including the powerful 'Rule 6'.

He talks about some of the breakthroughs he's had while in lockdown in Boston; about his father, a Jewish refugee in Nazi Germany, and how he harnessed possibility after the war - and how we are all faced with a choice every time we speak: to talk in the downward spiral of fear and anxiety - or in possibility, connection and love.

Zander gives several practical tools for how to live in possibility. Listen to the full inspiring podcast below.

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