BIG ANNOUCEMENT: Matthew & Nicole WIN #ECRWeddingInAWeek!

Matthew & Nicole WIN #ECRWeddingInAWeek!

After a tough week with all the #ECRWeddingInAWeek finalists in the studio with the Drive Team, a decision was finally made! We are happy to say we have found our perfect winning couple - Matthew & Nicole. 

Matthew & Nicole
Nobuntu Swartbooi

Listen to the podcast or read below:

Our finalist couples were a thrill to have in the studio, the love for each other radiated across the room. Nothing is amazing like watching a couple who love each other talk about each other in the third person and say all the nice things about each other. 

After a tough decision process by our judges, they decided on the winning couple. 

Congratulations to Matthew and Nicole, your love story really moved us and showed us, with love anything is possible.

Listen to the podcast to hear their winning moment. 

For the past three days we met three couples filled with hope to win #ECRWeddingInAWeek. On Tuesday we had an opportunity to meet Kinita & Kirwyn.

Watch how their day went with the Drive Team: 

On Wednesday was the day to connect with the second couple: Mathew van Wyk and Nicole Hindley 

The couple that showed us that sometimes love doesn't happen as easily for everyone and it can take some time to eventually know the other person is the one for you. 

Watch how their day went with the Drive Team: 

And finally it was time for the team to meet the final couple:  Shannon and Jonathan .The couple that showed us that love can conquer all in the end. 

Now the big task for us is to plan the full wedding in ONE week. It's a lot to plan, wedding dresses food, the works!  We know we can do it so listen to the Drive show every day to find out what's next for Mathew and Nicole. 

The #ECRWeddingInAWeek wedding invitation:

#ECRWeddingInAWeek wedding invitation
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