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East Coast Radio GIBS Business Breakfast

For the latest edition of the GIBS Business Breakfast, East Coast Radio has invited four of South Africa’s premiere thought-leaders and business minds to share their insights in Durban.

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If work feels too much like …work… it’s time for change. 

Re-invent the way you think - the way you do business - with a little help from South Africa’s most innovative business minds. It’s a Recipe for Success

Join Professor Nick Binedell, founder of the Gordon Institute of Business Science, talented singer songwriter, Lira, Coca Cola Communications Manager Khaya Dlanga and TV’s investigative journalist Derek Watts as they share some of their key business insights. 

The East Coast Radio GIBS Business Breakfast will be happening on the 7th of March at the Durban ICC.

Seats are limited so hurry and book now!

Tickets are available from Computicket. Get your tickets here.

Meet Derek Watts

Derek Watts

Derek Watts will tell you he’s never worked a day in his life. Yet he’s one of South Africa’s most celebrated investigative journalists. Derek has also been on South Africa's popular investigative journalism programme, Carte Blanche since 1988.

Take a listen as Derek chats to the East Coast Breakfast team:

Khaya Dlanga

Khaya Dlanga

He doesn’t set the trends, but he sure knows how to become one!  Meet Khaya Dlanga. He was the Senior Communications Manager at Coke and is now the Marketing Manager at Amstel. From herding his grandfather’s cattle to becoming a YouTube and Twitter sensation, he’s all about being on the cutting edge of social media.



She’ll tell you, ‘Often the difference between good and great is simply the desire to be so.’  From winning a singing competition at only 16, to earning triple platinum status in album sales, accomplished SA performer Lira shares her secrets to success in music and business. 

Nick Binedell

Nick Binedell

He loves a good story and is a master at using anecdotes to make a point. Learn some profound business principles from the brilliant mind of Professor Nick Binedell - founder of the Gordon Institute of Business Science    


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