European city to reward tourists for their green efforts

European city to reward tourists for their green efforts

This is a great incentive to get people to be more environmentally conscious.

A person picking up litter in a public place
A person picking up litter in a public place/iStock/PeopleImages

Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, will begin a trial scheme that rewards tourists who practice going green while visiting the beautiful European city. 

This scheme encourages tourists to be more mindful of the environment. Most people need to analyse their relationship with the environment or see the effects of their actions and how they can play a more significant role. 

According to BBC News: "Tourists will be rewarded with free food and activities if they participate in environmentally friendly tasks while visiting Copenhagen, the city's tourist board has announced.

"The trial scheme, which begins on 15 July, will see tourist attractions in the Danish capital offer rewards for activities such as litter-picking, public transport or biking around the city." 

Tourists can claim free lunches, drinks like coffee and wine, and even kayak rentals. The scheme, CopenPay, helps offset tourism's effects on the environment. 

"When you travel abroad - if you fly to other places or travel by car - you pollute," says the tourist board's communications chief Rikke Holm Petersen.

"One of the things we can change is getting people to act more sustainably at the destination." (BBC News)

Twenty-four organisations have signed up to participate in the scheme and are not being reimbursed by the government. It is also interesting to note that this scheme works on trust, so many of the organisations will take for granted that the tourist has completed the green activity. 

Some attractions might ask tourists to show a picture of them riding a bike or using public transportation. It's a win-win for tourists visiting Copenhagen, don't you think?

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