Before You Say 'I Do', Have You Washed Your Hands?

Before you say "I Do", have you washed your hands?

Washing your hands before the exchange of rings, could this be the way of the future?

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We are currently facing a global pandemic and with that, it is vital to take the necessary precautions to steer clear (as much as possible) of contracting Covid-19. These include; wearing a face mask, sanitising, and social distancing.

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In a bid to enforce these precautions, nationwide lockdowns have been put in place by hundreds of countries. With this, events have been postponed (or if it is a must, the number have guests have been limited to a maximum of 50), while restaurants and entertainment areas have been closed.

New and interesting regulations, however, which have been introduced by government guidance in the UK, include making sure that the bride and groom sanitise their hands at their matrimonial ceremony before exchanging rings. In addition to this; singing, shouting, and the playing of wind instruments will not be permitted because of the potential for increased risk of Covid-19 transmission.

If you are wondering about the damage that could come with sanitising your jewellery, Valarie Madison - a company that specialises in jewellery design - has given in-depth information about this topic: "The short answer: yes. Repeated use of hand sanitizer can do two harmful things to your engagement ring. Frequent use of cleaning products such as rubbing alcohol, bleach, or chlorine will slowly wear down the brilliance of your fine jewellery. While these agents can make rhodium-plated white gold wear down faster."

So, while sticking to lockdown regulations, even on your wedding day, be mindful of this piece of information as you live happily ever after and continue to sanitise.

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