You can use this website to tell you if a Takealot deal is amazing

You can use this website to tell you if a Takealot deal is amazing

This is a great site to make sure the item on your wishlist is a worthwhile deal!

Takealot deal detector

Spirits are high with people looking forward to Black Friday! Takealot is one of those places where so many people will be looking to in order to get some amazing deals - including us!

If you want to avoid buying something with a deal that's not worth it, this new website is perfect for you.

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How amazing is that?!

How many times have you thought something was discounted when really it has been taken down by a few hundred?  

Fortunately, records the daily historic listed and selling prices of popular products on South Africa’s biggest e-commerce site and presents these in a simple graph.

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So, how do you check the pricing history of a particular product? 

You must copy the URL of the product on Takealot’s site. Then a graph will emerge showing the product’s pricing from the date that Serval started tracking it.

Users can move their cursor over the data points in the graph to view specific pricing for each day.

The image below shows the Serval home page, a discounted TV on Takealot at the time of publication, and the pricing history for that product as collated by the site.

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The maker of this website, Ashton Hudson, is a data engineer from Cape Town. 

He shared with MyBroadband that he created the site out of frustration for not having price history information when trying to buy products from Takealot. He felt there was a need for a tool that could inform people of the best time to buy a product.

“I quickly whipped together a bare-bones project that just displays prices and runs on a cheap GCP (Google Cloud Platform instance),” Hudson said.

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It is important to note that Serval does not track all the products on Takealot.

“It only tracks the top-rated products or products that people explicitly search for on Serval,” Hudson explained.

That is up to 500,000 popular products on Takealot. So you know you can definitely find out if your item's price is a good deal this Black Friday!

We love the innovation, it is just in time for Christmas! 

Happy shopping!



Main Image Courtesy: Takealot

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