Year in Review: Darren Maule got married in a secret wedding!

Year in Review: Darren Maule got married in a secret wedding!

No one saw it coming...

Darren and Anna
Darren Maule

The highlight of the year on the show with Darren Maule was when we woke up one Saturday and he was a married man. 

There were pictures of him and Anna dressed beautifully for their ceremony, with their daughters and close friends as guests...

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We will never forget! It all happened on the 11th of June 2021 when he and Anna became Mr and Mrs in an intimate wedding.

One of the things that we feel threw us off was how he had hinted about marriage but we thought he was kidding. 

Here are two instances he made comments about getting married: 

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Some of the highlights Darren shared were that...

- He knew already by the time he proposed that he was going to have the wedding the next day. 

- His parents also were not aware of what he had planned. 

- Even the decor and the photographer found out it was a wedding on the day.

- The catering had no idea what the food was for but found out on social media.

Take a listen to Keri and Sky's reactions to him not telling them: 

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Before all of that happened, we had celebrated our main man's 49th birthday a few days earlier. 

He did not have a small birthday, everybody made sure to pull out all the stops for Maule.

If you missed it, click here and also have a look at 10 things he was grateful for on his birthday. 

Then remember the fake Quick Quiz back on April Fool's? That absolutely backfired! 

Take a listen here: 

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He and his Anna Banana also graced the cover of a popular KZN magazine earlier in the year. 

But fast forward to after the wedding - we had Darren's Decade celebrations and our producer, WR, was able to get us audio of Darren's first time on-air!

Take a listen: 


Then Friday the 13th happened in August, a day that Darren finds unnecessary and not scary at all. He does not believe in any superstition. 

Is this the reason his day was doomed? Take a listen to how it went:  

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Oh, yes! Darren had an interview with the iconic Canadian actor famous for his role on 'Star Trek' as Captain James T. Kirk, William Shatner. 

This was all about the television show, 'The UnXplained', which investigates and delves into things you think could never be explained - things you thought are the most difficult to understand. 

Each episode features contributions from various experts in their respective fields. You have scientists, historians, witnesses, and experiencers - each seeking to shed light on how the seemingly impossible actually can happen. 

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One of the most heartwarming moments was when Darren went to two schools for The Big Favour. 

The Big Favour, together with ProSecure, HikVision, Vuma-tel, and Chatsworth ADF (Anti-Drug Forum), came together to donate R50,000 to two schools - Glenview Primary School in Phoenix and Mount Haven School in Chatsworth. They donated other important items for the children, too. 

Darren made his first visit to Mount Haven on Thursday, September 2, with the R50,000 cheque on ProSecure's helicopter. 

Take a listen to how welcoming they were :

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It has been an all-round great year for our Darren Maule. 

If anything we look forward to more moments with our favourite and longest-serving Breakfast Show host. 


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