Yay! The petrol price might decrease in May!

Yay! The petrol price might decrease in May!

This will be a huge relief for motorists.

Yay! Petrol prices might see a possible decrease in May!/ iStock

We are now paying close to R22 per litre for petrol in South Africa. Imagine if your car's fuel tank capacity is 80 litres! 

Word is that next month you will be spending less of your money on fuel. 

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Fin24 shared that Central Energy Fund's data describes the possibility of the petrol price being lowered in the first week of May.

You can expect 95 octane petrol to be lowered by 34c a litre, and 93 octane by 32c. 

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We can only hope that this happens and nothing massive influences changes to the dollar-rand value. Our local prices are determined by this and international oil prices. 

The rand-dollar value is currently at R15.42.

Russia and Ukraine finally shaking hands would be an even greater help but... that's not happening soon by the looks of things.

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Unfortunately, diesel motorists might face a price hike. 

The current estimates show that diesel prices will rise by between 75c and 81c. 

Luckily, thanks to Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana, the emergency fuel levy cut of R1.50 still applies next month!

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