The worst roommate stories EVER!

The worst roommate stories EVER!

Today is International Flatmate Day and it's fair to say not all cohabitant relationships are created equal...

Bad roommate

Most people have had to deal with a roommate.

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We live with our family members for most of our lives, which has its own ups and downs, and then you might be making your way to college where you could end up sharing a room or flat with a complete stranger or a good friend.

One thing is sure: a good roommate is hard to find.

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When you find a roommate that is easy to live with and that's able to put up with your habits and quirks (and vice versa), then you have hit the jackpot!

But unlike Sky Tshabalala and his bestie James, not everyone is lucky enough to find that perfect relationship.

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Here are just a few of the most horrific, terrifying, and straight-up disturbing stories people have shared about their roommates from hell.

1. The Toiletpaper Hoarder

Worst roommate
East Coast Radio

2. How Many Roommates Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

Bad roommate 3
East Coast Radio

3. The First Roommate Experience

Horror roommate

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We're glad to see that at least one story had a happy ending!

So if you are currently cohabitating, and you realised how lucky you are while reading these stories, make sure to show your flatmate some love today!

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