#WomensMonth: Darren and Sky visit the Open Door Crisis Centre

#WomensMonth: Darren and Sky visit the Open Door Crisis Centre

It was a touching and emotional day for both Darren and Sky when they decided to visit the Open Door Crisis Centre to offer comfort to some of the women who have encountered some form of abuse. 

Open Door Crisis
Lisanne Lazarus

Take a listen to what went down during Darren and Sky's visit to the Open Door Crisis Centre or read the details under the podcast.

The Open Door Crisis Care Centre is a non-profit, interdenominational organisation. The centre's services span from Durban all the way to Richards Bay.

When Darren and Sky went to the centre to offer their support, they were greeted by a song by the staff and volunteers.

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They later got to chat to Thora, who gave them a breakdown of statistics and outcomes of the number of women and children who step through their doors. In 2018 alone, there have been over 800 cases of abuse reported to the centre.

Darren and Sky then got to speak to three young women who were living in the centre and were receiving treatment for sexual and emotional abuse. 

In an interview like never before, Darren and Sky felt the true meaning of oppression and suppression against women. 

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The Open Door Crisis Centre is an incredible safe haven that acts as the voice for the voiceless, but unfortunately, supplies are short. Both Darren and Sky's hearts are pleading with the people of KZN to help or show support in some way.

If you are in a situation that seems too tough to get out of because you have nowhere to go, remember there's a place for you. If you have a friend or know someone that needs help, you can contact the Open Door Crisis Centre on their 24-hour support line - 084 409 2679.

Remember, you are never alone. 

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