Woah! Skin bleaching taken to a whole new level

Woah! Skin bleaching taken to a whole new level

Skin bleaching has become a popular trend in the 21st century. In addition to skin-whitening pills and creams, now you can achieve the skin you have always wanted by taking a skin bleaching bath!

skin bleaching video
Screenshot: Twitter: BraQuaye_Gh

With over four-million views, the video of a woman sitting in what looks like a green bath and a lady in the background explaining what is happening has gone viral.

"This is an instant body wash, as you can see the skin is peeling off, it's very effective and the results are instant," she said.

She starts scraping the skin off the lady's leg and it immediately turns white. The skin peels off so effortlessly. It is unknown if the woman in the bath experiences any type of pain.

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It's not clear where the video was shot and if the products are available in South Africa. 

See what you make of it: 

If this is something that has peaked your interest, please do not attempt this without consulting your doctor first.

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