Wise up to credit card fraud via phone and don’t wear a “no point” face mask - Wendy Knowler

Wise up to credit card fraud via phone and don’t wear a “no point” face mask - Wendy Knowler

This week, consumer journalist Wendy Knowler is wishing credit card holders would no longer fall for the phishing scam. She also looks at the new mask/buff guidelines from a consumer perspective. 

Vishing/ Bank fraud

Wendy Knowler has been warning consumers about phishing for the past 18 months - that is when fraudsters trick consumers to divulge their banking details over the phone, by pretending they are phoning from their bank, "to help them stop fraudulent transactions on their account”.

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According to experts, any old piece of fabric won’t do the job of protecting those around you from COVID-19. They may be more comfortable and easier to breathe through, but face masks with valves or vents, masks with a single layer of thin fabric, and neck buffs are not effective in containing the droplets we expel when talking, sneezing or coughing - that’s according to updated mask guidelines published by the Department of Trade Industry and Competition this month for the local clothing and textile industry, pertaining to the making of masks intended for use by the general public, and they may well inform mask rules adopted by local airlines.

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