Who should Sky live with - Darren or Keri?

Who should Sky live with - Darren or Keri?

After Sky's huge announcement that he is finally moving out, Darren and Keri debated with whom he should live.

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Shanice Pillay

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Darren and Keri prepped all night as to why Sky should live with one of them. Their lists included all the things that Sky loves, which made the choice even harder. 

Darren's list:

  1. He is my bestie.
  2. When he is gyming/coaching/drinking I will be Daddying, and when he is not we can golf or Fortnite together.
  3. There is gluten in my bread, there is flesh in my sausage, and cream on my apple crumble.
  4. Separate TV’s for Sport and 'Isidingo'.
  5. With me, Sky will not be tempted to dip his pen in office ink.

Keri's list:

  1. There is always beer in the fridge, tequila in the freezer and whiskey, gin and vodka on the shelf.
  2. I don’t watch television, so you can have sports channels on whenever you want to.
  3. I live opposite the beach, it's walking distance, but because I know you, that wouldn’t interest you. I have something better, I'm walking distance from The George and the village.
  4. I have lots of single girlfriends, who do yoga, like rugby, and also visit all the time.
  5. The Greek is there so you don’t even have to talk to me.

Who do you think Sky should move in with? Let us know below.

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