What's that sound? Darren's recording has a voice that will freak you out!

What's that sound? Darren's recording has a voice that will freak you out!

Darren was going about his business, recording for the show, when something really strange happened. The team has enlisted the help of a paranormal investigator, Wayne from ParaX Inc to get to the bottom of the issue.

Darren Maule
Darren Maule

Darren is a one-take wonder, and for the first time in his career, he has had to re-record his voiceover audio after our sound engineer, Trinity, sent him a message that there was a weird voice in his recording.

Puzzled by this, Darren asked Keri and Sky to have a listen to try and figure out what the noise was. Keri was completely freaked out at this spooky noise. It is the strangest thing!

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Darren, Keri, and Sky need your help figuring out what the sound is? Are they hallucinating? Listen to the podcast and let us know by voting on the poll...

"I only heard it this morning, we haven’t spoken to the technical guys yet. Maybe there was another studio’s frequency interfering, maybe it’s a wiring error - I don’t know! But rest assured, when they get back from the Pokemon Go virtual convention tomorrow morning we will give our tech guys a call to find out if they know what happened!" Darren said.

After the show, Wayne from ParaX Inc. - a company that specializes in urban exploration and paranormal investigations -  contacted the team about the audio and revealed their worst nightmare.

Listen below.

Contact Wayne from ParaX Inc.

Get in touch with ParaX Inc via Facebook or call him on +27 84 096 4057. You can also watch his video on Youtube.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Darren Maule

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