LISTEN: What is your take on public urination?

LISTEN: What is your take on public urination?

Is it acceptable for people to just relieve themselves in public? 

Public Urination

When nature calls... we have all been there.

This morning, Keri Miller shared that she had been shocked by a random man who just chose to do his thing, out of nowhere, in public... 

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In South Africa, it is actually a R40,000 fine for people who urinate in public! 

But is this law enforced enough to deter people from doing it? It is one thing to be bursting for the loo and another entirely to have no respect or regard for those around you in public.

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But now we ask YOU, what is your take? 

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There is not one person who can say they have not seen someone relieve themselves in public. So, we can all relate to this. 

But where should the line be drawn?


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