What to do when scammed by someone selling illegal cigarettes

What to do when scammed by someone selling illegal cigarettes

Following an influx of emails and social media messages from listeners requesting legal advice, Darren, Keri, and Sky called upon lawyer Ashton Naidoo from Mooney Attorneys.


With the cigarette ban still enforced, many have fallen into the trap of dealing in illicit cigarette purchasing; either for their own consumption or for their businesses. 

The first caller had an interesting question, she was recently scammed by someone who promised to provide illegal cigarettes. Herself and a few friends put together an amount of R10,000 for the cigarettes and have not received their goods.

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What is her legal right in this case? Does she report the scammer? Will she be arrested because she also committed a crime?

Another caller wanted to know what the implications are of trading on the side of the road during the lockdown period. 

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Can a bank repossess your car because you have not paid due to financial constraints while in lockdown?

Is it legal for your landlord to cut your water and electricity if you have defaulted on rental payment even though you've been paying extra rent for months on end?

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