Whale shark approaches Malaysian fishing boat for help

Whale shark approaches Malaysian fishing boat for help

In an amazing video, a whale shark approaches a Malaysian fishing boat for help - and the men happily help the sea creature. What happens next is incredible...

whale shark
Screenshot: Today Online

Beautiful footage of a whale shark 'asking' a Malaysian fishing boat for help has shocked the internet. The whale shark, which is a filter feeder that poses no danger to humans, had a loop of rope caught around its midsection, which was presumably hampering the animal's ability to swim freely.

The video sees the whale shark swimming towards the boat asking the gentlemen for help. One man gently lowers a pole with a hook at the end to grab hold of the rope. 

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After several tries, the sea creature was brought closer to the boat. Once within an arm’s length, another fisherman used a cleaver, which he used to cut through the rope until it fell off, setting the whale shark free.

Thankful to be freed, the whale shark drifts away but not before swishing its tail on the surface of the water as an expression of thanks to his saviours.

See the beautiful video here: 

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