Welcome to Keri's Couch 2.0 - LIVE from Durban's famous blue couch

Welcome to Keri's Couch 2.0 - LIVE from Durban's famous blue couch

The famous blue San Pablo was the best place to be this cold morning for Keri Miller.

Keri's Kouch 2.0

Keri's Couch on a Thursday morning is the perfect listen, profiling all the amazing people in the world and getting to know them better. 

But how does a Keri's Couch Thursday morning at the Leather Gallery showroom on the famous blue couch sound? 

Well, yes, we knew it sounded perfect and headed to the showroom to see what all the fuss was about. 

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We hosted a Facebook Live as Keri Miller had a chat with Hannah, the marketing manager, about their experience during the KZN unrest: 

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In the above video, you will also get a little description about the special features that the couch has. 

You will be happy to know that it is no longer up for sale but rather a space where you and your loved ones can take pictures. 

It has taken a totally different turn this story, when a TikTok emerged showing that their looted couch was on the streets of Durban! 

Take a listen as Hannah further elaborates on the story of how they managed to get it back, recovered, and perfectly repaired: 

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Here's the picture that trended featuring our beloved couch: 

Blue san pablo sofa looted couch

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What a year it has been for the couch! Sofa, so interesting...

Keri had a little too much fun being out the studio, watch here:


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