"We live in the same block of flats but the new tenant pays less rent than me"

"We live in the same block of flats but the new tenant pays less rent than me"

Many of us have been trying to cut down on some of our expenses and rent is one expense we cannot run away from. Although tenants are protected by the law, and even more so now with COVID-19 and lockdown, some agreements you just can't get around. 


Ashton Naidoo, who is a lawyer and a regular on Darren, Keri, and Sky every Tuesday, was on the show to answer your legal questions.

A landlord has two identical flats and decided to reduce the one flat’s rent by R4k due to him struggling to fill the flat, but won’t drop the other tenant's rent as well. Is this legal? Ashton Naidoo gave his expert advice on this question, as well as another question asked by a caller who is also facing a rental dispute due to non-payment.

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The people of KZN are known to love the ocean and swimming in general, but there is still confusion about whether or not swimming in the ocean is permitted under lockdown alert level two. This was another question that Asthon Naidoo answered, as well as a question about paying a reduced price for expired alcohol and the legal implications of not wearing a mask in the car with your partner.

Listen to the podcast for his expert advice on these questions and more:

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