We finally get to see Sky's matric results!

We finally get to see Sky's matric results!

After many questioned the Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin Gordhan's qualifications, Darren thought it would be an ideal time to share Sky's matric results. 

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Sky worked really hard in school, and it shows in his results. The idea of showing KZN his results came from the number of questions being raised about Pravin Gordhan's education after matric. 

See Pravin's results here: 

Darren had a copy of Sky's results and thought it would be a good idea to share them.

Sky's highest mark was 78% for isiZulu. He wasn't the brightest in Mathematics, and his pass mark was 47%. Despite English being his home language, he only achieved 64%.

Sky agreed with Twitter that the Minister's results should be made public.

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Have a look at Sky's results below: 

sky tshabalala's matric results

Do you agree that results of Ministers should be made public?

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