'The water is safe', says Umgeni Water spokesperson Shami Harichunder

'The water out of your tap is safe', says Umgeni Water spokesperson Shami Harichunder

After a major oil spill at the Willowton Group factory, residents have become panicked. Shami Harichunder from Umgeni Water answered the many lingering questions on people's minds.

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Listen to the audio and read the details below: 

On Friday, we brought you the news of the Msunduzi River spill that has caused serious damage to our environment.
The Willowton Group says an investigation is underway into the cause of collapse at its Pietermaritzburg factory, which resulted in a major oil spill into the Msunduzi River.

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development, Tourism, and Environmental Affairs say teams are working around the clock to address the contamination of the river.

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Authorities are urging communities not to come into contact with or drink water from between the spillage site and Inanda dam.

We’ve seen the footage and images of the bubbles forming on top of the water, as well as all the dead fish. The contaminated water flows into the Inanda Dam. This water is used and treated by Umgeni Water.

Shami Harichunder gave the team a clear insight into the situation and answered some of the important questions posed by Darren, Keri, and Sky.  

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