WATCH: This Zimbali four ball turned into a slithery fiver

WATCH: This Zimbali four ball turned into a slithery fiver

Whilst playing golf at Zimbali, a golfer stumbled upon something quite extraordinary. 

zimbali python
Screenshot: Facebook: Dala U Crew

Spotted at the sixth hole, par five, a giant Southern African Python was captured relaxing in a water hazard at the resort. According to the video the gentleman explains in Afrikaans what he has just witnessed. 

The golfer says, "We on the golf course at Zimbali, the sixth hole, par five. You don't want to hit your ball into the water here because there's a snake. He's a big one, with his head sticking out of the water. Everything looks good but its stomach looks swollen and the snake has its head in the grass," he said.

Scary, right? 

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We spoke to local snake expert Nick Evans who shared his opinion about this magnificent find.

"The snake is known as Southern African Python. This is an ambush position that they often use. A few months ago a friend of mine saw one in Zimbali feeding on an Egyptian goose which it would have caught in this position. They are ambush predators.  It does look like it's eaten. I find it a bit odd that it was still in the water, but maybe it wanted more food, if it has eaten it looks a small meal," said Evans.

He went on to add that these snakes are not hunting people. 

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"There's plenty of food for them at Zimbali. Small antelope, waterfowl, other small mammals. It's a protected species which is doing well in Zimbali. In other areas, their numbers are taking, or have taken a hammering. They get killed out of fear, revenge for killing livestock, they're eaten and used for muthi/traditional medicine," he said.

It is illegal to kill this snake as it is a protected species. All snakes can swim. But pythons are definitely more fond of water than most.

Watch it here: 

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