WATCH: Was it a meteor or aliens again that hit Mzansi skies this weekend?

WATCH: Was it a meteor or aliens again that hit Mzansi skies this weekend?

Videos emerged on social media from people in different parts of KwaZulu-Natal showing something strange in the sky.

Meteor Durban
Andile Mandy Mathe

If you were in Durban, you will have seen some mind-blowing lights in the sky this past weekend. We have seen plenty of videos on social media from KZN listeners sharing the mysterious event. 

Now this made us rewind back to this moment earlier in the year. 

Remember this? 

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We had to make sure our listeners also witnessed this and it was not just one of those random videos from the past people pull out to try and trend. 

It just so happens that yes, there was a certain streak of lights that hit the Durban skies this weekend. 

Have a look at this video here from one of our listeners: 

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We also have photographs of the moments snapped by some Durbanites. 

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It looks like we might have extraterrestrial visitors in our midst in KZN...

Here is another video of the lights shooting up in the sky: 

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This is another comment we received from one of our listeners. It seems that there was more to it than just lights in the sky. 

This post shares that it is somehow linked to astrology...

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Chatting to The Mercury shortly after the fact, Professor Tim Cooper, who is a meteorite and near space specialist from the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa, said it was actually not a meteor.

He further explained: "Regarding the bright lights seen last night around 8.30pm, this was probably the re-entry of the SL-4 rocket booster (Norad 49923, 2021-119B) from the Roscosmos Soyuz 2.1a rocket which launched the latest cosmonauts to the ISS on December 11. The lights had nothing to do with a comet, asteroid, meteor stream or the Geminids as posted variously elsewhere.”

We would have loved for it actually be something cooler than that! 



Main Image Courtesy: Andile Mandy Mathe

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