WATCH: Women dress as grannies to get vaccine

WATCH: Women dress as grannies to get vaccine

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but this seems a bit drastic!

Grannies vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine has officially entered the chat and it's all everyone can talk and think about.

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Which makes sense! We want this pandemic to pack its bags and leave because we have all had enough and we want to return to healthier days.

But first things first - before just anyone can step up and become vaccinated, the healthcare workers and the essential staff are getting the first jabs.

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Some countries have already been able to vaccinate the most at-risk groups, like the elderly and immunocompromised.

Like every queue ever, you'll always find people trying to cut in and jump the gun.

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Two women in Florida, however, took it to a whole other level by creating elaborate disguises in an attempt to bypass the system and get vaccinated as soon as they could.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the women wore glasses, gloves, and even bonnets when they made their way to the Orange County Convention Center to receive their vaccinations.

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The women are 34 and 44 years of age, which means they are not eligible for the vaccination but that did not stop them at all, and they were actually returning to receive their second shot!

How did they manage to bamboozle the authorities?

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They have no idea how they were able to get the first shot but they are constantly looking into possible loopholes, holes in the process, and any other shortcuts that people might be figuring out.

The whole confrontation was captured on tape and you can watch the video below:

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The women were issued with a warning and told if they returned before their actual dates, they would be arrested.

Hopefully, they have learned their lesson, and other individuals will realise that this is not some Hollywood movie and a disguise is probably not the best idea.

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Main image courtesy of @orlandosentinel/Twitter

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