WATCH: Woman finds van covered in bees; safely relocates them in wild video

WATCH: Woman finds van covered in bees; safely relocates them

The woman captured the queen and relocated the hive of bees to a safe place.

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Bees remain one of the most important animals on the planet. They play a major role in pollination of plants, but the species is dying fast, so ensuring their safety should remain a top priority. So, when a woman discovered that her van was infested with a hive of bees, she knew she had to relocate them to a new area safely.

Luckily, Erika Thompson is a professional beekeeper and has gained over five-million followers as she shares her encounters with the endangered species on TikTok. 

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Erika previously went viral after sharing a video of her saving a bee colony under the floorboards of a shed while wearing absolutely no protective gear. Since she works with bees every day, she has learned to understand their behaviour, which allows her to scoop up bees with her bare hands when they are showing signs of calm.


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Now, in a new video, Erika shares the shocking moment she discovered that her van became home to hundreds of bees. In the clip, shared on TikTok, Erika admits that she noticed that her truck was “covered in more bees than usual” and ran out in her pyjamas to try and understand why.

She explains that she quickly discovered that the swarm of bees she had rescued the night before left the hive she had put them in and started searching for a new home.

Erika continues by saying that to get the swarm back into their temporary hive ahead of their relocation, she had to track down the queen, which she placed into a special clip used to protect her during transport and put her back into the temporary hive.


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In the process, Erika’s bare hand became covered in bees which she effortlessly shook off once the queen was safely put in the new hive.

After a short time, the rest of the bees followed their queen, freeing her van from the swarm and ensuring a swift and safe relocation.

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“It was another day of saving the bees in my pyjamas,” Erika says in the clip.

Erika has showcased the magic of being a beekeeper on her TikTok account while educating the world about bees and the importance they play in society. Erika admits that she hopes that her videos inspire people to relocate beehives safely to ensure that bees aren’t killed for building hives in people’s gardens or business places.

Image courtesy: TikTok

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