WATCH: What to expect when you go vote today

WATCH: What to expect when you go vote today

Here are some things to keep in mind for South Africans as they go cast their votes.

Marius van der Walt

As you go cast your vote for your municipal/ward councillor, we truly celebrate and appreciate the right to actually choose who leads us and gets to try make the community a little better with service delivery. 

Yes, you will have your ID and make your mark on the ballot paper for your desired ward councillor but it is important to know how to behave at the varying voting stations. 

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At the sixth democratic municipal elections in South Africa be sure to take note of the following: 

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  • Mark each ballot paper only once; and make sure that your mark makes your intention clear.
  • Make sure your ballot papers have been stamped by our officials before putting your marked ballots in the ballot box, or else they won’t be counted.
  • Remember to take a selfie (or better yet, a thumb selfie) and share it with family and friends on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok with the hashtags #Ivoted #ProudlySA #InkthumbSA to show you’ve made your mark, and encourage them to do so too!


  • Show up without a mask at the voting station. Officials will refuse your entrance. 
  • Don’t try and vote in a voting station where you are not registered to vote. In municipal elections you must vote where you are registered to vote, because it’s about electing someone to represent your community, afterall!
  • Don’t interfere with a voter’s right to secrecy when they are voting – that’s why there’s a rule about no photos or selfies of marked ballots inside the voting station.
  • Don’t prevent someone from speaking to other voters. Political campaigning in large gatherings stops at midnight on 31 October, but parties and candidates can still speak to voters outside the boundaries of a voting station – just look for the IEC tape.

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So, enjoy the public holiday. Maybe even go earlier so that you can relax for the rest of the day! 

Happy voting day! 



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