WATCH: Three-year-old saves drowning friend

WATCH: Three-year-old saves drowning friend

'Not all heroes wear capes' is the perfect way to describe this incident.

3-year-old hero
Facebook/Poliana Console de Oliveira

CCTV cameras at a home in Brazil captured a moment that invokes anxiety and gratitude in seconds.

A video shared by a mother shows a three-year-old boy saving his friend, who was drowning in a pool.

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In the clip, the little hero, whose name is Arthur de Oliveira, can be seen pulling his friend Henrique out of the water after he had jumped in to fetch an inflated ring.

Arthur’s mother, Poliana Console de Oliveira, shared the video on social media and wrote: "This video serves as an alert for those who have a pool at home and children. Thank God the ending is happy."

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Watch the video here:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Facebook/Poliana Console de Oliveira

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