WATCH: Teen completely destroys window with golf shot

WATCH: Teen completely destroys window with golf shot

Turns out there are now two very famous golf-playing Rorys.

Rory inman golf

"No throwing/hitting/kicking the ball inside the house", said every parent ever.

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Growing up, we all knew better than to run around the house and risk breaking any of our parents' valuable possessions.

So the only logical option would be to take it outside, especially if you are planning on hitting a few golf balls.

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But life doesn't always go according to plan and sometimes the golf ball hits the fan... or in this case the window.

Rory Inman became an instant internet sensation over the weekend after he had filmed himself standing in the garden of his parents' house, just hitting a few balls into a net.

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During lockdown, these nets have become increasingly popular as people were not able to go out onto the golf course for a game, so instead, they were able to hit the ball as hard as they want without it going anywhere and having to replace it.

Unfortunately, not all nets are created equally and you'll just have to watch the video to see what happened next (and make sure you turn the sound on):


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Rory had been practicing his shots in the garden and since there have been some strong winds blowing through, he decided to pin down the net with a few tent pegs.

The combination of the strength of the wind and the constant friction with the pegs caused the net to wear and tear, creating a hole in the bottom of the net that Rory was not aware of and the ball made its way through.

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Naturally, he was terrified of what his parents' reaction might be, but although they were shocked and a bit angry, they simply want him to replace the damaged window.

Here you can see the hole in all its glory:

gofundme golf
Rory Inman GoFundMe Page

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Non-professional golfer Rory has now started his own GoFundMe page as he hopes to reach his goal of £1,750 which will help him replace the window that was destroyed.

At this point in time, his total is standing at £10, although the TikTok video has reached over 9.2-million views.

Hopefully, he'll reach his target, that this little accident hasn't traumatised him and that he'll be back to shooting his shot soon.

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Main image courtesy of @roryiman/TikTok

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