WATCH: Talented man makes cute and funny videos that annoy his girlfriend

WATCH: Talented man makes cute and funny videos that annoy his girlfriend

Social media users are screaming "couple goals" in response to the videos.

Tiktoker sings to his girlfriend
Screenshot from video

A Tik Toker has been making waves on social media for his cute and funny singing videos.

'Y.X.Official' on Tik Tok has his followers in stitches with his creative and hilarious renditions of some of the biggest hits, such as 'This Woman's Work' by Maxwell.

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A video that brought millions of viewers to his Tik Tok account was one where he was teasing his girlfriend about eating apple pie; resulting in an upset stomach - all this while sitting outside their bathroom while his girlfriend was inside the room. 

She obviously hated it, and can be heard saying, "I hope you're not going to post that". 

The video has been viewed over two-million times on Tik Tok alone and shared across all other social media platforms. The viral video prompted a very cute apology video from the Tik Toker, which also went viral.

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A most recent video of the couple shows Y.X.Official waking his girlfriend up to a Maxwell rendition after her alarm did not go off. 

Wouldn't you like to be woken up like this?

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IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshot from video

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