WATCH: Surfer saved from great white shark by drone

WATCH: Surfer saved from great white shark by drone

The emergency alarm of the drone went off just in time to scare the shark off.

Surfer stalked by great white shark

A professional surfer was out catching a wave at a beach in Australia when a great white shark started stalking him.

If it was not for the drone, which shows how close the shark was swimming next to the surfer, Mark Wilkonson would have been attacked.

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But, luckily for him, the beach is monitored by drones and this is how the camera was able to spot the shark that was within 1.5 meters of Wilkonson.

In the video, the shark is seen approaching the surfer and almost nudging him before darting off. 

Watch the video below.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshot/Facebook

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