Watch: Sky Tshabalala's reaction to the stunning Bokke victory

Watch: Sky Tshabalala's reaction to the stunning Bokke victory

The Springboks stunned the world this weekend with an incredible win over the All Blacks. Nine years after their last win in New Zealand, and just 12 months on from the humiliating 57-0 loss in Albany, the Springboks stunned the All Blacks 36-34.

sky celebrating bokke victory
Sky celebrating Bokke victory / Instagram

What a win by the Springboks! I was so happy to be proven wrong.

My initial prediction was for New Zealand to win by 20+ points. I mean, who beats the All Blacks in New Zealand? Not a chance!

Watching the game with mates and having a braai for Breakfast - coupled with a few beers, turned out to be one of the best and most proud Springbok days I’ve witnessed.

For me, it was the best defensive effort I have ever seen by any rugby team. Also, to score five tries against the All Blacks is unheard of.

I think our reaction in this video says it all. 

Watch below:

Watch some of the highlights from the match below:

I think I speak for most of South Africa when I say what a proud moment this is for us! 

Drop me your stories below on what you were doing during match, and how you felt when the victory was declared ours.

Main image courtesy of Instagram/Sky Tshabalala

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