WATCH: Six-year-old’s ABC rap about careers will inspire you

WATCH: Six-year-old’s ABC rap about careers will inspire you

If you're expecting "A for Apple, B for Banana", this cute toddler has some BARS for you!

6-year-old ABC raps

The future is bright for this amazing six-year-old boy who has a fresh and educational take on the ABC's - inspiring his peers in a fun way.

Little Sam raps about various occupations in a video that has gone viral. He runs through the alphabet from A to Z and does an awesome job with his rhymes. In fact, he's so good that he finds a word to rhyme with gastroenterologist! 

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Watch the video as he raps and does not miss a beat while his father hypes him up and beat boxes in the background.

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Robert Samuel raps about career choices for kids.

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The video has been shared a number of times on social media and even caught the attention of former First Lady Michelle Obama, who wrote: “I know these have been really stressful times. This video put a smile on my face, so I wanted to share it with all of you. I hope this gives us a moment to pause and think about our kids right now and the kind of future we want to see for them. Sam, I absolutely love your version of the ABCs and I know you’ll inspire so many kids to dream big, too.”

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IMAGE CREDIT: Instagram/rsamuelw3

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