WATCH: Video of an enormous anaconda slithering across the road

WATCH: Enormous anaconda crossing the road video goes viral!

Anaconda crossing the road like he's a normal human being. 

A large anaconda was found slithering through the streets
Image: Unsplash

A video that has been making the viral moment on social media as seen a large anaconda crossing the street.

Instead of people being terrified, the locals can be seen being as normal as possible allowing the snake to cross without any complications on the road. 

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Locals can be seen trying to take selfies with the reptile while it was on the street. 

The street was very much busy with pedestrians walking on either side of the road. 

The snake then manages to crawl into a roadside bush afterwards. 

While it could be seen as an unbelievable moment to witness a large reptile like that up close and personal. 

It must've been an absolute freighting experience to be involved in. 

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