WATCH: Reckless "drifting" on N12 in Gauteng

WATCH: Reckless "drifting" on N12 in Gauteng

A group of "drifters" have been captured on the N12 freeway in Gauteng performing dangerous stunts at night.

Drifting n Jhb

A video of a group of South Africans drifting on the N12 highway near Boksburg is circulating on social media.

The video, which was posted by @RSA_Truckers on Twitter, sees drivers performing dangerous stunts, while one member of the crew (identified as ATDF) shouts: "elethu lelizwe. ATDT phambili! ATDF phezulu! [This country belongs to us. ATDF forward! ATFD up!]"

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Watch the crazy video below:

Social media users have condemned this behavior in the comments section, calling it lawlessness and dangerous.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/rsa_trucker

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