WATCH: Priest accidentally blasts rap music during mass live stream

WATCH: Priest accidentally blasts rap music during mass live stream

There's always that one moment during a live stream...

Kincasslagh Parish/Facebook

Going live on any app; Facebook, Instagram, or Twitch, can be a stressful experience.

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Anything can go wrong on a live stream and there's no escaping it because out there somewhere, someone witnessed it happening in real time.

How many celebrities' careers have come to an immediate end because of something that happened during their live stream?

How many viewers have been left in complete shock after some crazy live streaming moments?

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But, most importantly - and probably the most entertaining of all live streams, is when something funny, yet embarrassing happens to the streamer.

And speaking of such hilarious moments, there is a new one making the rounds on the internet.

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Many religious groups have also had to adapt to the 'new normal' during this pandemic and one very innovative way that congregations have been conducting their usual services has been through streaming.

The Kincasslagh Parish in Ireland has been broadcasting their mass using Facebook Live and had the most hilarious and unexpected mishap take place during one of their recent services.

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Father Pat of the Kincasslagh and Burtonport Parish in Co. Donegal was going about his business when he began his Wednesday morning blessing.

Unfortunately for him, a rapper called Black The Ripper decided to make himself known as one of his songs started booming over the speakers!

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The priest had wanted to play a holy hymn during the mass, but was just as shocked when the rap music started playing.

You can watch the full video here:

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Everybody makes mistakes and the priest was able to recover after the initial confusion and even joked by saying: "Black the Ripper, a wee bit of rap in the morning wakes you up."

Turns out the mistake might have been completely technological as the song's name is 'Young Prophet' and the Alexa system made the mistake of thinking it was church appropriate.

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After the incident, the church also decided to lean into the joke with an equally funny Facebook post:

Please stand for our opening hymn..... 🙉🙈

Posted by Kincasslagh Parish on Wednesday, 3 March 2021

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Luckily, this live stream mishap was completely harmless and just good for a nice laugh.

But once again, this just confirms that one can never truly trust technology...

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Main image courtesy of Kincasslagh Parish/Facebook

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