WATCH: No social distancing at Kwa Mai Mai in JHB

WATCH: No social distancing at Kwa Mai Mai in JHB

There was no social distancing in sight at Kwa Mai Mai in Johannesburg at the weekend as a number of people flocked to the area for a good time.

Kwa Mai Mai

It seems the coronavirus took a break this weekend, or at least in some areas, as videos of people having social gatherings trended on social media.

While many South Africans are abiding by the regulations put forward by the government, some are just not sticking to the rules, which state that no more than 50 people should gather for an event.

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Kwa Mai Mai in Jepperstown, a market famous for its traditional food, music, clothing, and healers, found itself trending on Twitter when videos of people drinking and grooving circulated on Twitter.

Social media users were up in arms, condemning the behaviour, as the country recorded 8,195 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total number of cases to 511,485.

Watch the videos below: 

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/Emmanuel_Moraba

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