WATCH: Melania Trump’s photo snub fuels speculation about state of marriage

WATCH: Melania Trump’s photo snub fuels speculation about state of marriage

The internet had a lot to say about America's former first lady's missed photo opportunity.

Melania Trump
Twitter/ Mail Online

Social media was in a frenzy after an awkward video of former US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump landing at an airport in Florida circulated.

A moment in the video that really caused an uproar, sparking speculation about the direction Melania's marriage to the now former president might be taking, is how she was not interested in pausing to take pictures with her husband when they touched down at the airport. 

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Clad in a striking print dress and sunglasses, Mrs Trump continued walking until she was away from the spotlight of the cameras.

Watch the video below:

In response to the video, one Twitter user said: "In all reality though, this woman has been stuck and unable to cry help for who knows how long. She's gonna need some serious therapy", while another said that if you watch closely, you can see Donald Trump shoving Melania. Someone else said that a divorce was imminent.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/ Mail Online

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