WATCH: Indonesia not out of harms way after volcano erupts

WATCH: Indonesia not out of harms way after volcano erupts

Alarming footage of the Mount Sinabung eruption has been circulating online.

Indonesian volcano

Mount Sinabung is a 2,460-metre volcano which is located in North Sumatra, very close to another supervolcano called Lake Tabo.

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The volcano had for centuries been completely dormant, meaning it was inactive, until it burst once more in 2010 and unfortunately killed two people.

Since then it has erupted in 2013, 2014, and 2016, taking innocent lives with every blast.

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Now once again after five years of inactivity, the mountain has roared back to life.

Volcano erupt

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On Tuesday morning, the 2nd of March, vulcanologists recorded 13 separate blasts that resulted in the volcano spewing out a massive column of smoke and ash that went as high as 5,000 metres above Sumatra.

Luckily for residents in the surrounding areas (a five-kilometre radius), there was no immediate danger to property or life as it has been unoccupied for many years.

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There has also been no flight disruption and no evacuations have been officially ordered, but locals are not taking any chances, and many are leaving on their own accord or staying indoors.

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You can see a full compilation of the after effects caused by this eruption in the video below, which is primarily made up of footage from locals and witnesses in the area:

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Hopefully, the volcano will take a small chill-pill because the last thing we need in 2021 is to start the year with another natural disaster!

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